Fall fun and every day blessings

It was an interesting week! I was so excited about the promise of change in the weather…and the opportunity for rain.  Well, it came alright!  Dallas was hit with a deluge of wild thunderstorms for a very short period of time and it left the city with downed massive trees and loss of power to 250k residences and businesses!  Our power went out at 4:45 pm on Thursday and stayed out until 3:45 pm on SATURDAY!  It was very frustrating for me and for my husband who works out of the home.  Friday we found ourselves playing wifi vagrants…going from cafe to cafe for internet access and trying not to wear out our welcome.  The loss of power also meant that I had to find storage for my four freezers’ contents!  I was able to store much of the perishables at the Cafe Gourmet shop and surprisingly, two of the freezers retained their frozen state.
Because I was so frustrated by the lack of power, I felt so grateful when we regained electricity, which I take for granted every other day of the year.  So that was a positive that came out of the storm.  And it also brought the promised cool weather for Saturday morning when my son had a cross country meet.  Sadly, the event that our school was to host was cancelled due to the storm damage but we were able to move the meet to another location so our team could still race.

And the power was back on in time for us to catch some fun NCAA football matches on the telly.  I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down this season to watch any games and this turned out to be a great weekend.  Go Frogs! :)  I hope you all had good weeks too and I would love to hear how your neighborhoods fared from the storm.  Here’s what I’m cooking this week. Menu for Oct 6