It was beautiful. It was magical. Sigh. Why must we go back to work?

My son’s wedding weekend could not have been more perfect! The bride was stunning. The groom was glowing. The sun was shining. The guests were dancing. So lovely. I think the sign of a great event is how much everyone wants to keep talking about it even after it’s over, basking in the memories.  But alas, it is over. Done. Finis. Until we do it all again in October! Stay tuned…
IMG_3704 Proud parents with the bride and groom.

During my time off, I managed to plan out 3 weeks of menus which makes me feel so organized!  Next week will feature some Super Bowl inspired foods and the following will be a treat to lovers. Back in the kitchen this week, we are trying some new dishes and making some things to satisfy cravings; hope you will find a meal to put on the table for your family!  2015 Menu for Jan 26. And although not on the menu this week, always available are Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Pot Roast Pie, Chicken Tortilla Soup and Green Chile Stew.