Superbowl of Groundhog Day proportions! Menu for February 2-6, 2015

I like football but honestly the Superbowl is about food and commercials, with food being out and away the most important factor.  And I really don’t care for Superbowl parties because no one really watches the game and I don’t get to choose the food hence we are hanging at home today and doing our own thing.  Our pre-game munchies include the old stand-by, Chex party mix, as crafted by my husband. He likes it with extra butter AND extra worcestershire AND lots of nuts and i am thrilled that he wants to make it!  My contribution is the Buffalo-Chicken Dip. This gooey, cheesy concoction is so rich and HOT but I can’t stop eating it, even as it burns my tongue. I serve it with tortilla chips and it is also yummy wrapped in a tortilla with some chopped lettuce. (It officially becomes lunch at that point, making its consumption more legitimate?) I am sharing this recipe today on my Instagram account, as soon as I upload the picture! Follow me @buttersgourmet.
But let’s talk about the main feature, the crucial play of the day as it were: dinner.  Tonight we are pan-searing Prime Rib-eye steaks and serving them with Cornmeal Battered Onion Rings. (Please wipe the drool off your chin.) We have really mastered the indoor steak thing and I think they are as good (almost) as steaks grilled over a hot charcoal fire. I’ll post some pics to my Insta later. Oh, and for dessert I am leaning toward chocolate + marshmallow = touchdown!

So the week’s menu features some Superbowl themed items – Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese, two kinds of Chili, because few football parties don’t include these items. But there are also a couple of favorites like SW Cornbread Salad and Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie and a dessert not to be missed: Red Velvet Poundcake. Let me know if I can tempt you with something! 2015 Menu for Feb 2