The Art of the Care Package and Themed Thursday Tastings

I have amazing customers.  They are generous with their time and thoughtful with their gifts. Even though each of them is so busy with their lives, running children, grandchildren, aging parents to various events, practices and doctor appointments, they seem to make time for more kindnesses. So many times when they place orders with Butterfield Gourmet, I learn they are taking it to a friend in need. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my little business is blessing someone who is having their 8th child, or just moved here but is hobbling around in a cast or even an aging parent who needs help with dinner.  When one of my friends is down, my first thought is to feed them and I’m honored that my customers feel that my meals will bless their friends as well. This week’s menu is full of delicious things that please everyone to that purpose.

I read a great article ( this week about the 5 things that every care package should include, and I have tweaked it a little for my purposes. They are:

1. A Delicious main dish by Butterfield Gourmet. Think a savory pot pie that is so easy to reheat or Pulled BBQ Chicken or Italian American Lasagna. I have an Artizone customer who has ordered no less than 10 Homestyle Chicken Pot Pies to send as gifts for new babies, families experiencing sorrow and the like.

2. A few snacks. I recommend savory nuts like Sweet & Spicy Almonds and a buttery snack like Parmesan Thyme crackers.

3. Something sweet. A batch of cookies or Carrot Cake or fresh baked pie would be such a treat.

4. A bottle of wine or champagne. A new mother may not be able to imbibe but I guarantee someone in the house needs a glass of wine!

5. Fresh flowers. Any sweet bouquet from Whole Foods (my fave grab & go flower spot) will brighten someone’s day.

Which brings me to the monthly event starting this week…Themed Thursday Tastings.  This week’s theme is “filling that care package” and I will have crackers, nuts and wine (from Dallas Fine Wine & Spirits) to taste and get ideas for your next meal or gift. Please stop by and have a taste whether this applies to you or not…I want to treat my fabulous customers with a snack and sip!


Perfect Care Package by Butterfield Gourmet and Dallas Fine Wines