There's really no sacrifice in Meatless Monday so why not make it a week instead of just a day?

Last year I kept hearing reference to going meatless one day per week and although I could seldom make it happen on Monday, I tried to introduce the concept into our family’s weekly meal pattern. Honestly I absolutely love meat but I know that we do not have enough greens, vegetables and grains in our diet so that’s the real reason I tried to change things up.
This week’s menu is virtually meatless! With the exception of the pot pie, every featured dish offers an opportunity to slot a vegetable-laden, meat-free meal into your weekly routine. I don’t think you will miss traditional proteins, especially in the Minestrone Soup, Yellow Squash Quiche or Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. These meals can fill hungry bellies and carry the added health benefit of getting you closer to the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  Check out the options under the Menu of the Week tab above and let me know what I can help you put on your table.