Changes are good. Major changes are amazing.


Although I am not a rabid Horned Frog fan, I wanted to share this image with you because my college freshman is underneath this banner! We were way up high in the parents section (although a trek to get to the seats, well worth it for the view of the entire campus and city of Fort Worth, not to mention the lovely breeze!) and he was in the students’ section on the 4th row, 30 yard line. His comment about participating in this fun fan moment was that it was awesome…and it smelled bad under the banner – ha! It was Family Weekend at TCU and my husband and I visited for 48 hours, spending time at his major college, taking him shopping, seeing classrooms, tailgating, taking him shopping, feeding him, and attending the TCU vs. SMU game. It was a fun two days and this evening while I am reflecting on the time, it is more than apparent that life is changing for us. And it’s all good.

Recently I had dinner with three of my good friends; we all had sons in Mrs. Drake’s kindergarten class at Mockingbird Elementary in Coppell and it was the last time that all 4 of the boys were in class together. But the 4 moms forged a friendship that continued via monthly lunches through 12 years of primary and secondary education for our boys. They finished at 3 different high schools and are now attending 3 different colleges: TCU, University of Texas at Austin and St. Andrews College in Edinburgh, Scotland. When we met for dinner, we laughed a lot and honestly, cried a little. We are also ALL empty nesters now and we talked about the hardest part of letting our babies go. One theme that everyone agreed upon was how it was the little things that made us miss the boys. Checking their hampers by habit only to find the basket empty. Turning the corner and seeing their cars parked in the driveway and for a moment thinking “oh good, he’s home!” and then remembering he didn’t take his car to school. But I think we are all ready for what this new life means. One of us is taking a new post at Johns Hopkins University and moving to Baltimore, a move she thought she’d never make having worked at UT Southwestern for 17 years.

For me, the change to being an empty nester is just another in a year of many changes. This weekend also marked the 4 week mark before my daughter’s wedding in October. And I am ready for that event also.  My daughter and her fiance are TCU alum and Jake was in town for the game so we had a nice time connecting with him. In this one year, we have emptied the house but have added two new family members. What will happen next year? I can only wonder but as blessed as we have been, I cannot fear for what new changes will bring. <3

a little selfie fun with Jake and James