The Butterfield Gourmet Mission Statement

Our family lived in the suburb of Coppell for many years and we were very involved in our church there. Our kids grew up in that church and we made all of our friends through the Supper Club, prayer and youth groups and through the community. In 2005, one of my friends invited me to be on the cookbook committee whose goal was to gather thousands of recipes, edit and assemble them and finally send the entire book to print. It was a huge success and the women’s group sold many cookbooks.

One of my tasks associated with the cookbook was to write the Dedication on the first page. It was an honor to have this assignment and I agonized over what to write knowing it would be read by our entire community of 5,000 families. Here’s an excerpt from the final draft:

“In this day and age of worldly pressures and busy families, we invite you to “gather together” around your kitchen tables to nourish your bodies and your family spirits. We encourage you to bring back the family supper and the neighborhood dinners. Gather together outside church and feed each other. It is in the gathering to share meals, laughter and conversation that we will strengthen and protect our families.”

Similarly, this is the mission of Butterfield Gourmet: to provide you and your families with nourishing meals that enable you to sit down together even given your busy lives and hectic schedules. I thank you for allowing Butterfield Gourmet to be a part of your family gatherings and all of the instances when you have provided our meals to bless other families in your communities.

This week’s menu includes a couple of options for Holy Week and a light entree that manages to satisfy one of my cravings. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Pickup Times for 3/21-25

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