Time to pop some bubbly

It was long overdue, but we had to celebrate…1. Butterfield Gourmet moved into it’s new permanent kitchen space. (And there was much rejoicing!) It is so big — Rosemarie and I are doing laps trying to figure out which way to go when we’re working. :)

2. Gotta brag on my boy…our youngest was accepted into the Neeley Fellows program in the business school at TCU. He’d applied in the spring and was anxiously awaiting word on his acceptance. As a parent, it’s such a good thing to be able to say “you see what hard work can do?!”

3. Lastly, my husband’s birthday often gets too light a treatment because it’s thrown in the month with Mother’s Day, end of school priorities, and everything else that makes up May craziness. John is my rock. He supports what I do and makes my life run so much smoother. Managing my own business is not easy but it would be impossible without my support system. Needless to say, he deserves to be honored. He. Is. The. Best. (Also, if I haven’t mentioned before, he’s my romantic soulmate. Oops. TMI?)


So we finally made it to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate all of the collective joy and it was a lovely evening. Rainy. But lovely. Good food, wine and company.

This week’s menu has two notable features – a fantastic two-crust Strawberry Pie which I am baking for JB and an elevated, Grown-up Tuna Noodle Casserole – no canned soup in this dish!

Have a great week and remember to stop by and see our new space; we’ll be churning out a lot of good meals. Please order by 10am the day prior to pickup. Thank you!

Here are the hours this week:

Monday – Non-GF Pot Pies only, Pickup by appt
Tuesday – 12-2pm
Wednesday – 12-4pm
Thursday – 10-2pm or until it’s all gone!

Link to the BG Menu for June 6, 2016

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P.s. The Farmers Market had light traffic this past Saturday so I have one each Santa Fe, Home Sweet Home and Butterfield pot pies that did not sell. They went into the freezer and are available if you want one for dinner Monday or any other day this week.