Ditch the Grudge January

I recently heard a talk show host state that only 40% of Americans make resolutions for the coming year. That statement shocked me! Everyone I know makes a list or resolves to change a few things whether health, job or habit related.

I’m approaching my list a little differently this year. In the past I have made a list of things to change (or work on) in 4 areas of my life: health, faith, finances, and relationships. I’ve still got a running list—why is it longer this year?—but I’m also trying a new approach for 2017. This year I want to give each month a theme so I can really work on an area and feel accomplishment when I make strides in that little trouble spot.

So January is “Ditch the Grudge” because carrying around past hurts helps no one and actually harms me the most. I’m really not speaking to those enormous wounds that only years of therapy can alleviate (lol)...but those stupid little injuries that we associate with memories of individuals. As in, “I’ll never forget how that woman was snotty to my nail lady until she turned around and saw me there.” I’m going to forget I witnessed that scene and I will not repeat it to anyone else. Or, “I can’t believe my sister never calls me, she just texts when she needs something.” I’m going to pick up the phone and call her and brush those feelings aside. And “My friend is so negative about everything we do.” Instead of stewing about it later, I’m just going to call her on it right then and there so it’s off my chest and out of my mind.

I already feel more peaceful just resolving to make this change.