I want to be STRONG like Wonder Woman!

Yes, I confess: I went to see this feature film about the Amazon woman/goddess turned superhero. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed the film as did my son and husband, whom liked it even beyond the fact that a gorgeous woman was in EVERY scene.

Besides possessing Greek Goddess strength and power, the heroine has an admirable moral compass that points to doing the right thing, no matter the time constraints or obligations pulling in opposite directions. My favorite scene involves her journey to the frontline of World War I in which she chooses to save a small town that has been forsaken by the Allies as un-winnable. She charges through the enemy line followed by soldiers and brings victory to the “good” guys because she refuses to ignore the plight of the innocent.

That’s what I want to be. Not a superhero. Not even a simple everyday hero. I just want to be courageous with the strength of my convictions to stand up for those who can’t fight for themselves. Or speak up when I see an injustice done. I want to make a difference. It could involve making a phone call to a state representative about ending Daylight Savings Time, like another Wonder Woman I know. Maybe I just want to stand up to the bully who is trying to intimidate me at the gym and force me off a machine. (another story entirely, ha!) July is Grow my Strength month.

However, Wonder Woman is but one role model. I speak to courageous women every day…many of my customers are strong beyond measure with firm convictions. You may not battle Aries, God of War, on a daily basis but you fight the wars of Dallas, Texas. You go girl!