On State Street, that great street

Aren't weddings magical events?

I've heard many people say they always cry at weddings. I think I'm becoming one of them. Last weekend we were in Chicago to witness our nephew, Max, marry the loveliest girl. Kate hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and she could not be sweeter. (Always, always, always marry your best friend when possible!) The ceremony and reception were held at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar on State Street, a fortuitous decision to have everything in one location as October 14 turned out to be the single wettest day on record for the month in the city of Chicago (8 inches!). But no matter, we laughed and partied and danced the night away, cozily dry in the 5th floor ballroom.

Three of my children were present for the occasion and I have to say, seeing them interact with their cousins is special. What makes the cousin relationship so unique? I really can't put my finger on it...even as a child, I remember being so excited to spend time with my Beach cousins. Although truth be told, some of them were quite awful to me! (Nickname: Chinky) Perhaps we are drawn to our cousins because we sense the familial bond as an extension of parental sibling attachment. Whatever it is, my kids are now adults and they have the best time with their Butterfield cousins.

Our food experiences in Chicago were limited by the schedule but I have a couple meals to share with you.

  • I had an immensely satisfying lunch salad at Volare--warm kale, toasted chickpeas, crispy prosciutto, roasted cauliflower and white beans in a citrus vinaigrette. Such an accommodating staff as well.
  • My brother-in-law, Robert, catered the tasty welcome reception on Friday evening, and if you are ever in the Chicago area, you should look up his restaurant in Downers Grove, RBK American Grill. I have been trying to convince him to open a catering outpost here in Dallas!
  • A completely inspired wedding reception idea? Serve sliders later in the evening when your guests have hit the open bar too many times, and burned their dinner off on the dance floor! What a nice touch. 
  • Our final evening in the city, we enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner at Piccolo Sogno. The service was attentive and the pastas perfection.

It was a wet & wonderful wedding weekend and I hope you'll join me in wishing all the joy in life to the newlyweds, Max & Kate Flessner!