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November is the best...

Today is Honey’s birthday. An honorable day to be sure! 8 people years/ 56 dog years and still holding strong.

Honey & James, 2010

Honey & James, 2010

November was once my favorite month because of my birthday; in my childhood days, I looked forward to this month because I could not wait to turn another year older. Ha! Stupid, youthful, Ruth—you never dreamed you would begin to hate gaining another year! But these days, I love November for a whole new set of reasons.

Firstly, my married children (3 out of 4) have all wed individuals with November birthdays. I often joke that I hate sharing my birthday month (you know, celebrations all month long—it’s a thing) with them but it just makes these 30 days all the more special.

Second, the weather will definitely turn this month. Cool, almost cold nights and crisp mornings that smell like damp leaves, cozy sweaters, fireplaces burning, warm cider simmering on the stove, pies baking in the oven, all of the senses are involved in the changing of the season.

Third, Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays. We host a crowd at our house and eat So. Much. Food. Card games are played (Oh Heck is a family tradition) and puzzles are assembled. We’ll take pictures, trying to secure the Christmas card image. Oh, and the Turkey Trot is definitely happening. It’s all family goodness packed into a couple of days. And it’s all about giving thanks because we have so much to be thankful for in this country.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Let’s do this, November! I’m ready.

Thanksgiving items are available to order online. Please order these items separately from your weekly menu items. Also making their debut at the online site are the Holiday goodies. Feel free to add these at any time, but keep in mind that for the gift boxes & platters, we may need more notice than 24 hours.

We have a great soup on the menu this week and breakfast is available to order through Sunday. I am here for your questions – Ruth 214/675-1932.

Picky eaters of the world unite!

True confession: I was you. My pickiness was legendary among our relatives and my mother’s circle of friends. “Ruthie is so picky! She won’t eat pancakes or eggs or ham sandwiches!” My mother, ever intent on getting substantive food down my esophagus, would warn that she would reheat my breakfast at lunchtime if I didn’t finish the morning meal. I perfected the chew-then-spit-in-napkin move to the point it was undetectable even by my brother, who loved to watch me like a hawk. I was a pro.

Obviously, I haven’t been a picky eater for years. All of those “no thank-yous” of the past have become “yes, please” and “more, please!” Much to the detriment of my figure. Do you realize that your metabolism rate decreases 5% every year after the age of 35? How are we supposed to combat nature working against us?!!

But back to the subject at hand: individuals with narrowed taste preferences. There really is no formula to creating adventurous young eaters. In my parents’ house, we were berated to clean our plates because it was a crime to waste food. Conversely, when my children were young, without pressure, I constantly made a variety of foods so that they became accustomed to always eating something different. But the outcome was the same from my upbringing to my brood. We all love food and try almost anything and everything. We associate good meals with family, comfort and communicating. If there is a celebration to be had, it’s going to involve a great dinner.

So be patient with your picky eaters—they’ll come around eventually. And if they decide never to eat coconut, pickled herring or raw onions, cut them some slack. Take it from a reformed picky eater, some things are still worth avoiding!

Cowboy Pot Pie

Cowboy Pot Pie

SAVETHE DATE: Holiday sides, pies & gift tastings will be on November 3-4. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to try our line-up of yummy offerings for your Thanksgiving & Christmas tables as well as gourmet gifts to make your life so easy in December.

There's no place like home

After two weeks on the road, I’m ready to be home for a while, that is, until we head to Ft. Worth for family weekend on Friday! John and I like to play this game when we visit other areas of the country. We get out and see what the city/town has to offer, explore and exercise, try the cuisine and restaurants and then we ask each other- could you live here? Each location has it’s own charms; we had some lovely hikes in the hills of south Denver on crisp, dry mornings. The sunrises in Colorado are just spectacular. Las Vegas’ crazy night life and casino haunts are a freak show that cannot be described. It is impossible to be bored in this city that never sleeps. However, after our journeys, usually we conclude that Dallas is home and we wouldn’t move from where we are now.

But truthfully, to quote a cliche, home IS where the heart is. So I could relocate anywhere in this wide world as long as we could be together. So I’m glad to be home. In my house. With my husband. And the dog. And a busy fall schedule. Cooking for you all.

There are new items on the menu this week! The pot pies are your favorites but the entree is a new meatloaf which I highly recommend enjoying the first night and later too… there’s a bean salad that would make a great side dish for the meatloaf, a new chilled, silky soup with just a touch of decadence, a main salad that works fantastically for lunch with the bread bonus on the side and a lovely, fruit galette to satisfy your sweet craving.

As always, I’m here for you if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Have a great week! -Ruth 214-675-1932

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*****We sadly remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when so many American lives were lost in an attack on our nation. Our prayers continue to be with the families of all who lost their loved ones in a senseless moment of violence.*****

Real Men Eat Quiche

I was working the Saint Micheal’s Farmers Market two Saturdays ago, when a couple approached my booth. They had been advised by a friend to seek me out and pick up the “best chicken pot pies ever.” While we were chatting the gentleman looked down at the table and spotted the hand quiche that I also had available. He became very animated, telling me about the article in the Wall Street Journal that very morning heralding the return of Quiche!

If you missed the story, titled “Make America Quiche Again” you can read it here. Charlotte Druckman humorously details how and when egg pie fell out of favor with the American dining public and reveals that quiche is on it’s way back, appearing on menus everywhere. I myself have noticed a surge in the interest and desire for quiche and I am thrilled to offer one each week, in hopes of adding to its popularity.

This week, I’m featuring one of Charlotte’s recipes: Roasted Broccoli Quiche. She also offers a fun Tater Skin Quiche that I intend to try out in my home kitchen and hope to offer you this fall. Also on the menu are summer appropriate Zucchini Soup and a favorite grain salad. Hope you’ll find something tasty for your table. See the complete Menu for July 18.

Note: Butterfield Gourmet will be closed for vacation the week of August 1.

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Catch us at Saint Michael’s Farmers Market (8011 Douglas Ave) this coming Saturday, July 23, where we offer all of your favorite pot pies in a mini size!