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a beautiful day at the Dallas Arboretum

a beautiful day at the Dallas Arboretum

Spring has been an absolute whirlwind. Maybe because I have been sleep deprived beginning with Daylight Savings or perhaps it's due to trying to schedule FaceTime sessions with a son on the other side of the world. Whatever the reason, I feel constantly behind, always running to catch up. 

Long weekends spent with family are usually a great way to slow things down. In that spirit, our Easter week began on Palm Sunday with church services alongside our son and his pregnant wife. Oh wait. Haven't I told you? Our family is being blessed in 2018 with new babies. My eldest daughter (residing in Arkansas) is expecting her fourth child, due in May and our eldest son (lives here!) is expecting his first....TWINS! SO. EXCITING. I. MAY. JUST. WRITE. LIKE. THIS. UNTIL. SUMMER. Jk. But we are indeed overjoyed by all of these tiny blessings headed our way. 

Back to Palm Sunday. After mass, the four of us came home for brunch because a leisurely meal accompanied by mimosas is a surefire way to slow time. The menu was Eggs Benedict as requested by my DH. It's a timeless breakfast entree, isn't it? Crisp english muffins topped with canadian bacon, a pillowy poached egg and rich, decadent hollandaise sauce. In the Butterfield house, we like to change things up and sometimes replace the muffin with hash brown potatoes, or even stack the potatoes on top of the toasted bread. Also, we seldom serve the traditional skinny slices of canadian bacon and opt for slabs of smoked ham. Or, maybe a crab cake for ultimate, sinful gluttony. Whatever version, the crowning glory remains the same--bright, lemony hollandaise, and I'm sharing my recipe at the end of this post. 

Dinner that evening was also a feast. Expertly grilled New York Strip steaks, baked potatoes, sautéed spinach, roasted eggplant, a lovely crisp green salad with balsamic dressing. And there was chocolate cake for dessert. That was just for 4 of us! But our celebratory week was off to a good start.

Happily on Thursday, my in-laws arrived from Albuquerque without incident. They have not been in Dallas since 2015, the year of two weddings, a graduation, and a family reunion. We scheduled a number of outings for their visit and tried not to wear out their 80+year-old bodies too much. They were able to see our son's new home and hear the glad news that the twins are GIRLS! (see how I keep sneaking those announcements in..?!) On Friday, our youngest daughter, husband and canine child, Frank, were here with us from Round Rock. We enjoyed a margarita lunch, strolling around the Arboretum and a fabulous meal at 20-Feet Seafood Joint in Lakewood. 

Side Review: If you haven't heard of this little hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurant, I am here to endorse the establishment and send you as soon as your little feet can carry you that direction for the following reasons:

  1. It's BYOB. We brought 3 bottles of wine with us: rosé, sauvignon blanc, and a red blend. Also a premixed shaker of Manhattans (the in-laws go-to cocktail.) (we did NOT consume it all!) And they will uncork your bottles as well as provide stemware in which to enjoy your beverage of choice!
  2. The Lobster Roll. It's amazing. Also, the Green Room Mussels, Fried Oyster Po Boy, Fish & Chips, and any special they're offering that day.
  3. Service is better than any I've encountered in a casual setting. You place your order at the counter, but the servers are patient, pleasant and helpful. The table bussers are young and sweet, also helpful. There's just nothing to complain about. Tables are first come, first served, but they'll help put tables together and find an area, outside or inside for you. 

The weather was ideal Thursday-Saturday so we sat out on the patio and enjoyed our mussels, french fries, Lobster Rolls (3), Fish & Chips (2) and Shrimp Po boy (1). Afterwards we indulged in a little custard from Wild About Harry's and came home to play cards.

Saturday breakfast was 2 casseroles I pulled from the fridge making my life so easy. The kids returned to Round Rock and we prepared for the next round of guests--my brother-in-law, wife and canine arrived from Houston. We supped on homemade lasagna and caesar salad and dined al fresco while watching the NCAA Final Four.

Easter Sunday dawned cool and cloudy and the mass was just beautiful, uplifting and joyful. And then we headed to another brunch, this time at The Mercury, where although our server is the best (Medy?) the food was honestly, just ok. Not that they didn't have variety: prime rib, fried chicken, sushi, salads galore and waffles. But it's really hard to do Eggs Benedict for a crowd because it's always cold and a little congealed, don't you think? So that brunch was a bit disappointing. 

I know right now you're thinking, all those Butterfields do is EAT! And sometimes, it feels that way to us too. I have omitted the boring details of walking pups, gardening, and any exercise that made it's way on to the schedule.

Sunday dinner was a bit of a masterpiece, if I'm allowed to say so. Beef Tenderloin roast, perfectly seared on the grill by my hubby and accompanied by au gratin potatoes, maple-bacon roasted brussels sprouts, spring salad with asparagus, fruit and citrus vinaigrette (on the menu this week!) and finally a luscious Chocolate-Espresso Cream Pie for dessert was shared with my dear friend, Rosemarie and her three girls, making our number 10 for dinner. What a fun evening! After our meal we watched the live production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and digested slowly.

Monday was so nice and quiet, with just the four of us. The weather turned cold, giving us an excuse to read the paper by the fire and only venture out for a little chinese bistro lunch. They departed on Tuesday morning and it was back to work for my husband and me. Thanks to their visit, we were able to extend those five days and truly experience five days rather than the rapid, whirlwind, collapsed time that I've been feeling is my life. In three weeks we head to Europe to meet my son--can you believe the semester is at a close?

Ruth's No-Cook Hollandaise Sauce


Sniff, sniff. I'm catching a whiff of Fall!

I could never live in a cold climate. NEVER. I’m the girl who has always stated – I’d rather be hot than cold. Any.Day.Of.The.Year. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it when the temperature begins to lean toward the 60s. Because I suffer from that uncomfortable syndrome which causes my feet and hands to turn numb when my core gets too cold, I tend to prefer heat. But there are also some pretty amazing things I love about cooler weather.
1. Sweaters. Duh-I’m a girl so I tend to think in terms of What-to-Wear when it applies to seasonal changes.
2. Boots. See above. We live in Texas so of course there are the obligatory cowboy boots but Dallasites have an inordinate number of fashion boots that bely our warm weather and cooler temperatures herald the arrival of covered toes!
3. Evening football games. There is nothing like watching the marching band during a half-time show while cuddled under a stadium blanket.
4. Pumpkins. You really can’t put them out in the summer heat even if it’s October 15. They rot really quickly! So it’s nice when the weather cooperates and you can decorate the front of your house with fall bounty.
5. Soup. And stew. I love salads just as much as the next girl but soup is a party in my mouth!!

All of this to say that I am so excited by October being here and actually experiencing an autumnal season. We don’t get a true Fall every year so I hope you will get out and enjoy it.

The menu is fabulous this week (am I allowed to say that?) because it is filled with things I love to eat. Caesar Salad, Pasta Salad, Tortilla Soup and Squash Quiche. I am obsessed with eggplant lately—can’t get enough—and I love this version of non-breaded parmigiana. You can opt to enjoy it with polenta or spaghetti or solo, the choice is yours. And a fabulous brownie rounds out the dessert.

As always, I’m here if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Have a great week!

Here’s the menu. Order online here. I truly appreciate you when you get your order in early! At a minimum, please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup and be sure to provide your cell number. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

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Ah, to be a toddler again!

Just a few days with babies and you remember how much work was involved in raising your own! I was so fortunate to steal a few days in Colorado to meet the newest member of our family, Theo Shepherd, born August 16 (12 days late) and at a whopping 9 lb 15 oz. Theo joins Ivy Grace (3yr 8mo) and Penny Ella (1yr 10mo) in demanding the attention of their ever-patient parents, Bryan & Stephanie.
IMG_6521 IMG_6484

We Snapped my other kids, watched “bideos” and ate snacks, snacks and more snacks. Ivy also managed to decorate her sister with markers before Mommy & Daddy woke up one morning. Stephanie just laughed, because really, what else can you do? There’s a lot of energy in their house; one minute it’s joyful and the next it appears as though the world might end. And with a newborn thrown in the mix (eating machine), there seems to be no end to Mommy’s duties.

Wanting to be useful, I was lucky to babysit so Bryan & Stephanie could attend a friend’s farewell dinner, though sweet Theo tagged along. I made dinner for the girls, including a completely different meal for me. Then we watched a movie. THEN we ate popcorn. And then it was time for bed. When I staggered downstairs at 8:30pm, I must admit I. was. wiped. out. But it was all good, a lot of fun and for the evening, tear-free! In other words: SUCCESS!

Sometimes I forget how much a toddler CANNOT do for herself. An adult must feed, bathe, change and dress her. She may be able to play, socialize and nap without assistance but that’s even questionable on occasion! I’ve got the feeding thing down but must admit that I am a little rusty in all of the other areas.

So back to my quiet life I go, but happy to continue to feed all of you! It’s another short one because I’m off for some adult recreation late in the week. I’ll be back to full schedule September 12 with new & exciting (I hope) menu items. See the Menu for Sep 5, 2016 here. Order online here. Please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup and be sure to provide your cell number. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

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All good things must come to an end, especially vacation

Thank you for answering the survey! We’re still tabulating results and will post them here for those of you who are curious about what you answered in relation to other respondents.
We had a lovely week off and wish it were two, but the sun has set on our vacation! No rest for the weary. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. No time off goes unpunished. Blah, blah, blah.


So here’s the menu this week…making it so. easy. for. you. You don’t even have to click to see the deliciousness we have in store for you this week. But you do have to click to order here! Please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

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Friday 11-2pm

Creamy Caesar – crisp, sweet romaine, little grape tomatoes, nutty parmesan, housemade croutons and my creamy, anchovy-less dressing. Available in 2 sizes, $15 small (2-3), $20 medium (4-6) GF
Kale Pasta – love, love, love this salad! Featuring bow tie pasta, pine nuts, parmesan and a light garlic olive oil dressing. $20/serves 2-3

Italian-American Meatballs & Pasta – the college boy has requested this for one of his “final meals” before heading back to school! My favorite balls and sauce recipe will knock your socks off. I like a little kick in the sauce and I think you will too. $45/2 dozen meatballs, sauce & pasta, add another dozen for $10 more.

Home Sweet Home – tender chicken breast and sweet green peas in a homestyle gravy like Grandma used to make. $26/pie

Green Chile – I love this simple egg and cheddar pie with the subtle kick of Hatch chiles. Did I mention that I purchased 75 pounds of chiles when I was in New Mexico in July? :)) $22/quiche, whole wheat & GF crust available

Blueberry Pie – pie, pie, me oh my, I love pie! This one-crust wonder is so sweet and luscious. $22/pie

Focaccia – we came upon some delicious, herby, sun-tried tomato-ey focaccia bread at a Farmers Market stand last week and I want to recreate it for you. $6/6 large pieces, avail. with purchase of entree, quiche or pot pie.

As always, call, text or email with questions! 214-675-1932

The joy of adult children

It’s a fact: Mother’s Day is a made-up holiday. An occasion maximized by retailers, greeting card purveyors and florist shops across America.  And for those in the current generation, a weekend whereby you may be made to feel guilty unless you pronounce your undying love for the woman who raised you on some form of social media.
Last year, I reflected here on my own mother and the next week I spoke of my mother-in-law. This year I want to talk about the honor it is to be the mother to my children in our ever-changing landscape.  For Mother’s Day 2016 we had such a nice weekend with 3 out of 4 children and 2 spouses. The guys golfed, the girls shopped, and we all brunched. it was both fun and relaxing.

When the kids are young and growing up in your home, the parents are in charge. We decide where to vacation, what the meal plans will be, how we will celebrate holidays. The year our family discontinued the trips to New Mexico for Christmas with the grandparents, and instead began to celebrate within our own family unit, the children didn’t have a say. But as they mature and create their respective independent families, I can no longer tell them that we expect their company for special events. I must ask or invite them to join us.  This is a good thing.  Because now when they are here, I know they’ve chosen to be with us. The goal is for the grown children to enjoy spending time in our home, now that they have options.

So on occasions like Mother’s Day, when we are trying to take so many pictures (my ever-patient John claims that we take more pictures than any other family on the planet!) I can look around the table and sigh a little with happiness. These amazing, special individuals of whom I am so proud, wanted to be here to share our table and toast me over mimosas. They laughed a lot and teased each other and I couldn’t have had a better day. I so enjoyed those sweet years of baby kisses, and all of the milestones that followed but this is a pretty amazing time. How can it get any better than this?


Back to a full menu this week…after all, I do have a 19-year-old back in the house and he needs some home-cooked meals to fatten him up! Pick up times are as follows:

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Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm

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I really love food - I think about it all the time!

I am constantly reading recipes, blogs and articles about food trends, buying cookbooks and dreaming about new menus. It seems that every mini trip or vacation is only enjoyable if I have planned where we will eat and managed to try a new cuisine or restaurant. But my obsession with all things epicurean can pay a toll on my waistline. And is there anything worse than looking at each meal for calorie count instead of flavor factor or satisfaction equation? So I have to exercise and occasionally sacrifice (no dessert on one night? wah!!!!) for the cravings of my palate.
We’ve just returned from NYC for a quick couple of days and I knew when I headed there that I wanted to try a restaurant that Food & Wine listed as one of the top 10 eateries IN THE USA for Fried Chicken & Waffles, my all-time favorite brunch menu item. But my dear hubby who is also facing a food-to-waistline crisis told me there was no way he could contemplate that meal without exercise! Ladies & Gentlemen, it was 30 degrees out and our hotel bed was warm and cozy on the 27th floor overlooking Central Park, snow-lined and glistening in the sunshine. BUT...the powerful pull of Ma Peche‘s habanero fried chicken accompanied by cornmeal waffles and drizzled in maple syrup…well, let’s just say I tied on my running shoes, layered up and hit that snowy trail. There were a lot of people out there doing the same thing, although unless they followed us to 56th St and 6th Ave, I’ll bet they were not as well rewarded for trudging out there in the cold – our brunch was divine!


Here’s a great article I recently read about 4 chefs who are throwing off the notion that you have to be fat, well-fed, and hard-drinking in order to be at your prime and how they are treating their health as an important part of their careers.

Fear not – this week’s menu, while filled with warm comfort, is not heavy. I’ll still follow my usual routine – a couple of days of walking, maybe some elliptical at the gym – but I will be able to indulge in deliciousness without guilt.

Place your order via email to by 10 am the day prior to desired pickup. Available pickup times this week:

Tuesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
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Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm, 5pm
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BG Menu for Feb 1

There's really no sacrifice in Meatless Monday so why not make it a week instead of just a day?

Last year I kept hearing reference to going meatless one day per week and although I could seldom make it happen on Monday, I tried to introduce the concept into our family’s weekly meal pattern. Honestly I absolutely love meat but I know that we do not have enough greens, vegetables and grains in our diet so that’s the real reason I tried to change things up.
This week’s menu is virtually meatless! With the exception of the pot pie, every featured dish offers an opportunity to slot a vegetable-laden, meat-free meal into your weekly routine. I don’t think you will miss traditional proteins, especially in the Minestrone Soup, Yellow Squash Quiche or Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. These meals can fill hungry bellies and carry the added health benefit of getting you closer to the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  Check out the options under the Menu of the Week tab above and let me know what I can help you put on your table.

Fun at the Farmers Market

My crew and I have now worked two markets at Saint Michael’s and each Saturday has proved to be a fun experience.  We doubled our sales from week 1 to week 2, selling out of product in the second week.  Working at a Farmer’s Market is very different than other retail venues and I’ve listed here some of the things we’ve discovered/learned just in the two weeks we’ve worked.
1. It’s hot. Bring a fan. Always buy a popsicle from your local vendor, who is happy to cool your palate!

2. A lot of the customers want to chat… they are interested in your story and you should be ready to hear theirs as well.

3. Not all market goers want to chat. Don’t be offended if they just keep walking by your stall when you try to say hello.

4. Most of the shoppers have specific reasons for visiting the market: they are gluten-free or want to shop organic, believe in supporting local businesses or are investing in healthier lifestyles. Sometimes they are just looking for a specialty item they cannot find elsewhere.

5. Being at the market is a great opportunity to get your own grocery shopping done. We purchased delicious bratwurst, tender hot dog buns and croissant, perfect tamales, creamy goat cheese, Wagyu burgers and breakfast tacos. We also sampled yummy cookies and tangy pickles!

6. There are lots of puppies and cute kids. Farmers Markets are great outings for families so enjoy the scenery!

7. It’s important to have fun when the crowd is running a little thin. My son, James, shared his philosophy on the 3 stages of customer contact at a Farmers Market and it was most amusing! Perhaps I can persuade him to put it to paper and I’ll post it later. :)

We’ll be back at Saint Michael’s next Saturday, July 18, then off for a couple of weeks.  Hope you will stop by if you have a chance. And here’s the BG to Go Menu for this week utilizing some great farmers market finds. See you soon!

A little added bonus — here are a few tips from some cookbook authors on getting the most out of your trip to the Farmers Market!

Purple's not really my color...

chocolate peanut butter stacks pie
So my youngest finally made his college decision – he’ll be putting on his ropers and boot-scootin’ it over to Ft. Worth to join the TCU Horned Frog family!  We are very happy for him and know the school is a good fit.  His sister had a great time (maybe a little too much fun?) there and he has always felt the tug (sibling pressure?) to don the purple himself.  Admittedly, I am happy he will be just 45 minutes away.  Honestly, my biggest emotion this week is relief! With the decision made, it’s just one more thing off the ever growing list of things to accomplish over the coming 6 months.  Up next for this guy: register for classes, attend Frog Camp, sign up for rush, find a dormmate. For me: plan a graduation party, book a summer vacation, find a mother-of-the-bride dress, pack my son off for college, make some more wedding decisions, secure lodging for our family at this ever-growing destination wedding, not have a nervous breakdown.  Wish I could trade lists with him…

This week’s menu features all of my son’s favorites. Of all of my pot pies, the Beef Pot Roast is his absolute choice—I need to make him one this week. He has been a pasta boy since the very beginning and he LOVES meatballs. Caesar salad was the first green salad he enjoyed, thanks in part to the croutons! When we go out to eat, if he feels like soup, it’s always, always French Onion. And the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is the one dessert he will hide from his siblings when they are home for holidays…and he’s not usually a selfish guy!  Hope you find something on the menu to make your favorite.  Have a great week! 2015 Menu for Apr 27

Valentine's Day - staying home and having the best meal of the year!

I won’t say that we’ve never gone out for dinner on Valentine’s Day…there was that time that our server at a (now closed) French restaurant insulted my husband and me by telling us that we “just didn’t understand fine dining.” And another year when the establishment lost our reservation and made us wait for an hour and a half. So unless you are at the beginning of a relationship, I am probably not the person to recommend braving the restaurant crowds to eat out this coming Saturday night!
However, I do recommend cooking a meal in that night with your loved one.  This has become a fun tradition for us, whether we cook with another couple or by ourselves. Get a babysitter and send the children to the other side of the house to pretend they are on a camp out. Then you can craft a romantic dinner together and eat by candlelight in the dining room!  Here’s what we are making this Valentine’s Day, and trust me – we will make it TOGETHER:


Lobster Roll Crostini

First Course

Mushroom-Parmesan Soup with Savory Biscotti

Roasted Beet Salad

Main Course

Filet Au Poivre

Truffled Mashed Potatoes

Sauteed Spinach



You will have to check my instragram account to see what we have for dessert! Follow me @buttersgourmet.

In the shop this week I’m making things that remind me of love – Chicken Parmesan, Caesar Salad, Chocolate Custard Pie…so let me know if you’d like to put some Butterfield Gourmet love on your dinner table! 2015 Menu for Feb 9

2015 - A year of Changes and Blessings!

The time has come for my son to marry his sweetheart…they’ve been engaged since December 25, 2014, and the year has flown by! I am so excited for him and happy to have the event finally here after all of the planning. We have several big events this year so I am trying to set the tone for all of the excitement by taking a couple of weeks off. I’ll be cooking this week but out for the weeks preceding and following the wedding. Hope you will manage to stay warm until February…2015 Menu for Jan 5

Fall fun and every day blessings

It was an interesting week! I was so excited about the promise of change in the weather…and the opportunity for rain.  Well, it came alright!  Dallas was hit with a deluge of wild thunderstorms for a very short period of time and it left the city with downed massive trees and loss of power to 250k residences and businesses!  Our power went out at 4:45 pm on Thursday and stayed out until 3:45 pm on SATURDAY!  It was very frustrating for me and for my husband who works out of the home.  Friday we found ourselves playing wifi vagrants…going from cafe to cafe for internet access and trying not to wear out our welcome.  The loss of power also meant that I had to find storage for my four freezers’ contents!  I was able to store much of the perishables at the Cafe Gourmet shop and surprisingly, two of the freezers retained their frozen state.
Because I was so frustrated by the lack of power, I felt so grateful when we regained electricity, which I take for granted every other day of the year.  So that was a positive that came out of the storm.  And it also brought the promised cool weather for Saturday morning when my son had a cross country meet.  Sadly, the event that our school was to host was cancelled due to the storm damage but we were able to move the meet to another location so our team could still race.

And the power was back on in time for us to catch some fun NCAA football matches on the telly.  I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down this season to watch any games and this turned out to be a great weekend.  Go Frogs! :)  I hope you all had good weeks too and I would love to hear how your neighborhoods fared from the storm.  Here’s what I’m cooking this week. Menu for Oct 6

Is it September already?! Where did the year go? Menu for September 1-5, 2014

Although many of you are out of town for today’s holiday, I’m sure you will need meals when you come back and jump into your four-day week. Be safe out there!
To order, please use the Contact tab (or email and state which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at the Preston Commons location. Please order by noon for pickup the following day. Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (Friday by appointment) at 8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140, inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop.

Salad:  Classic Creamy Caesar - my most popular lettuce salad includes homemade, crunchy croutons and shaved parmigiano reggiano; its a winner! $15/serves 3-4. Veg, GF minus croutons.

Pot Pie: All of my pot pies are made with my flaky pie crust and the best ingredients. Homestyle Chicken is my tried and true standard – white chicken breast meat in a creamy gravy with green peas. $25/pie.  Beef Pot Roast is my family’s favorite – so savory and satisfying. $30/pie.

Quiche: Broccoli Cheddar - eating your veggies was never so easy! $20/pie. Veg.

Entree: Chicken Burrito Bowl – this recipe is my nod to that famous place that so many people love…tender, slow-braised chicken with southwestern spices, black beans, tomatoes, corn and rice. Serve in individual bowls with shredded cheese, diced green onions and sour cream on top (included) or spoon into tortillas and add lettuce and avocado (not included). $30 serves 4-6. GF

Dessert: Key Lime Pie#1 – sweet, tart, creamy with a graham cracker crust and fresh whipped cream. $20/pie

We are happy to create any of our pies and quiches with gluten-free products. Please note that we do not operate a fully gluten-free kitchen and some cross-contamination is possible.

Summer is here!!

Pretty soon we will be scattering all over for our various vacations, summer camps and trips abroad.  I am thinking I may not see many of you over the next couple of months but I would like to invite you to make suggestions for meals you would like to see on the menu when you ARE in town. I truly appreciate your business and the friends you send my way.
To order, please use the Contact tab (or email and tell me which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at my Preston Commons location. Please order by NOON for pickup from 4-6 pm the following day.

Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or by request, Friday.

8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140 inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop

Quiche: Italian Sausage & Spinach – very filling and satisfying, with lots of flavor.  $20/pie serves 4-6**

Pot pie:  Homestyle Chicken ($25) or Beef Pot Roast ($30)**

Entree: King Ranch Casserole – not your momma’s casserole made from canned soup, this gourmet version is an easy sell at our dinner table. $25 serves 4-6  GF available

Salad: Classic Caesar Salad with Homemade Garlic Croutons – pairs nicely with the quiche and pot pies.  $12 serves 3-4 GF

Dessert: Fresh Blueberry Pie - a favorite summer flavor in a classic pie. Love, love, love a slice with lemon ice cream! $20/pie**

Cookie: Sugar Sprinkle - these giant cookies are colorful and sweet- don’t forget the ice cold milk! $10/12 large cookies

  • GF crust is available for the quiche or any of the pot pies. Additional charge applies.

Thanks for your orders and your referrals!