chicken piccata

Joyful in the moment

The holiday season is peeking around the corner…

Events start moving fast in October—for our family, we celebrate two wedding anniversaries in mid-month, sweet Penny’s and Jack’s birthdays and then we roll right into November with four more birthdays followed by Thanksgiving. We are only 4 weeks out from Turkey Day! I am not trying to stress you out. Rather, I want to encourage you to steal a moment of peace through the madness.

Try to be present for each and every celebration in the coming months without dwelling on where you have to be next or your to-do list or your “haven’t done” list. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But take deep cleansing breaths and focus. You’ll only be there in that specific moment once.


Halloween is here and I would love to see the costumes your children/grandchildren/neighbors/nieces & nephews and godchildren are wearing. Will you send me some pictures? So much fun. I have such fond memories of my kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, even into their high school years! Somehow it became a tradition to eat chili dogs on Halloween night (might have to blame Sonic for this one) but I’m offering a delicious, savory chili with mini-cornbreads for you to pick up for a quick meal before your kids head out or for you to enjoy when you settle in to answer the door.


Invitations going out this week

November 3, 4-7pm Sip & Sample

Pies, sides, nibbles, wine

Private residence


November 4, 11-2pm Tasting Event

Pies, sides, nibbles

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church


Here’s a menu to enjoy while you…

—watch amazing track athletes break world records.
—sit your children down to discuss their goals for the school year.
—plan your next empty nester trip.
—map out a strategy to find a new presidential candidate.
—savor this unusually cool weather that we are experiencing.

Take your pick!

The school year is rapidly approaching and I don’t know where the summer has disappeared to…I’m already feeling a little sad about my Horned Frog returning to Ft. Worth, but he reminds me that he’s been home for 3 entire months! It’s been a really nice season for us — a couple of trips, family visits and a reunion, some work, a little play — all of the things that make up a memorable summer and prepare us to head back to a busy autumn.

Check out the menu here.  Order online here. Please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup and be sure to provide your cell number. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

Tuesday 2-4pm
Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 11-4pm
Friday 11-2pm

Have a great week and GO TEAM USA!


My season of "lasts" and menu for April 13-17, 2015

I remember when my two middle children were in preschool and I thought, are we ever going to get out of this era of chicken pox, losing teeth, and crying over lost toys? And then I blinked and my youngest is a senior in high school and I haven’t heard either of my boys cry in years and I realized we are at the end.  The end of 30+ years of child raising…I’m not saying that we will cease to be parents; obviously not, with weddings, childbirths and college still ahead of us.  But an era does come to a close when you are no longer the biggest influencer in your youngest child’s life and your child becomes an adult.
IMG_9091This melancholy today is brought on by my son’s Senior prom last night.  It was the last high school formal that I will have taken pictures of any of my children. This past week he attended his last high school retreat.  And soon, he will have his last week of high school.  I’m sure that there will be more nights when I worry about how late he comes in, so there is still more fun parenting to come. But still, I mark each of these last events with a little tear.

Have a great week.   2015 Menu for Apr 13