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October was a busy month...let's recap

I spent quite a lot of blog space last month talking about my two youngest — big changes in their lives with beginning college life and getting married. But my eldest son, Jack, also has a birthday in October so I want to share some thoughts on what a blessing he’s been to our lives. You may recall that he too entered matrimonial bliss in 2015, our January wedding to kick off a year of celebrations. He married his sweetheart of 6+ years and they are so well suited! With everything that’s happened these past months, I sometimes forget that they haven’t even celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

We have a little bit of a running joke in our house about Jack and his sister Kate when they were little bits. They are just 19 months apart (Jack is the eldest) so I often referred to them as my twins. (Duh, wonder why they got married the same year!) The joke is that every picture of the two of them depicted a frowning or crying Jack and a laughing or smiling Kate. I dubbed these images “Tee hee, Boo hoo.” We have often said that Jack could nurse a hurt or injustice longer than anyone! But the truth of the matter is that he is sweet, sensitive and easy going. He is an amazing big brother, a loving husband, a devoted son and the friend that every guy wants.

I love to write. If you haven’t noticed. But the first piece I ever wrote for fun was a children’s story complete with illustrations. I had dreams to have it published but when you are raising four children and just trying to carve out some sanity in your every day life, sometimes thoughts like that are just nice to have as dreams. My book was entitled “Prince Jack” and it was all about the little guy that came into our lives 27 years ago. So happy birthday, Jack – mum loves you.

Prince Jack

P.s. This week’s menu can be found under the “Menu of the Week” tab and here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming for Thanksgiving!

Purple's not really my color...

chocolate peanut butter stacks pie
So my youngest finally made his college decision – he’ll be putting on his ropers and boot-scootin’ it over to Ft. Worth to join the TCU Horned Frog family!  We are very happy for him and know the school is a good fit.  His sister had a great time (maybe a little too much fun?) there and he has always felt the tug (sibling pressure?) to don the purple himself.  Admittedly, I am happy he will be just 45 minutes away.  Honestly, my biggest emotion this week is relief! With the decision made, it’s just one more thing off the ever growing list of things to accomplish over the coming 6 months.  Up next for this guy: register for classes, attend Frog Camp, sign up for rush, find a dormmate. For me: plan a graduation party, book a summer vacation, find a mother-of-the-bride dress, pack my son off for college, make some more wedding decisions, secure lodging for our family at this ever-growing destination wedding, not have a nervous breakdown.  Wish I could trade lists with him…

This week’s menu features all of my son’s favorites. Of all of my pot pies, the Beef Pot Roast is his absolute choice—I need to make him one this week. He has been a pasta boy since the very beginning and he LOVES meatballs. Caesar salad was the first green salad he enjoyed, thanks in part to the croutons! When we go out to eat, if he feels like soup, it’s always, always French Onion. And the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is the one dessert he will hide from his siblings when they are home for holidays…and he’s not usually a selfish guy!  Hope you find something on the menu to make your favorite.  Have a great week! 2015 Menu for Apr 27

2015 - A year of Changes and Blessings!

The time has come for my son to marry his sweetheart…they’ve been engaged since December 25, 2014, and the year has flown by! I am so excited for him and happy to have the event finally here after all of the planning. We have several big events this year so I am trying to set the tone for all of the excitement by taking a couple of weeks off. I’ll be cooking this week but out for the weeks preceding and following the wedding. Hope you will manage to stay warm until February…2015 Menu for Jan 5