honey mustard chicken salad

There's no place like home

After two weeks on the road, I’m ready to be home for a while, that is, until we head to Ft. Worth for family weekend on Friday! John and I like to play this game when we visit other areas of the country. We get out and see what the city/town has to offer, explore and exercise, try the cuisine and restaurants and then we ask each other- could you live here? Each location has it’s own charms; we had some lovely hikes in the hills of south Denver on crisp, dry mornings. The sunrises in Colorado are just spectacular. Las Vegas’ crazy night life and casino haunts are a freak show that cannot be described. It is impossible to be bored in this city that never sleeps. However, after our journeys, usually we conclude that Dallas is home and we wouldn’t move from where we are now.

But truthfully, to quote a cliche, home IS where the heart is. So I could relocate anywhere in this wide world as long as we could be together. So I’m glad to be home. In my house. With my husband. And the dog. And a busy fall schedule. Cooking for you all.

There are new items on the menu this week! The pot pies are your favorites but the entree is a new meatloaf which I highly recommend enjoying the first night and later too… there’s a bean salad that would make a great side dish for the meatloaf, a new chilled, silky soup with just a touch of decadence, a main salad that works fantastically for lunch with the bread bonus on the side and a lovely, fruit galette to satisfy your sweet craving.

As always, I’m here for you if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Have a great week! -Ruth 214-675-1932

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*****We sadly remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when so many American lives were lost in an attack on our nation. Our prayers continue to be with the families of all who lost their loved ones in a senseless moment of violence.*****