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Gobble, gobble! Don't be a turkey and miss your chance for Thanksgiving pies and sides

For all of my rambling about being organized, I must confess that I have not yet planned the menu for our family feast. It will take a little time for me to review what I’ve served in years past and which things I want to repeat and the new dishes I want to introduce.

But what are you serving? That’s the real question. If you’d like Butterfield Gourmet’s help with pies or sides, please visit the online store to order, asap. I would love to have your orders by Thursday at 5pm but the absolute deadline is Friday at noon.

If you were not able to stop by one of our tasting events, let’s talk pie! Our all-star options include, but are not limited to:

- Salted Caramel Pie is a decadent dulce de leche in a graham cracker crust and pretty piped whipped cream on top. – Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Praline takes the tried and true one step further with a sweet topping. (best seller) – Chocolate Custard Pie belongs on every Thanksgiving buffet because someone always needs a bite of chocolate. – New Mexican Apple Pie brings a savory note to piles of apple slices with green chile and pine nuts. Want to bring something different? This is your pie. – Chocolate Pecan Pie with Salted Caramel is almost too beautiful to eat but don’t miss the dark chocolate filling studded with toasted pecans.

pies as far as the eye can see

pies as far as the eye can see

See the rest of our goodies online and place your order today! (Please.)

For this week’s dinner table, I have all favorites planned for you. Making menu items that I know you all love and that I have made many times will ease my team’s transition into preparing Thanksgiving sides and pies for the coming week. Because of the busy days ahead, I’m asking that all menu orders be placed by Tuesday at noon, even if you are not picking up until Thursday. Thank you for your cooperation!

Check out the menu here (pickup times are listed on this document as well). Order online here. Please order Thanksgiving items separately from the week’s menu. Call me with questions at 214-675-1932. I am thankful for each of you! But…I gotta run now, I have a menu to plan!

Time to pop some bubbly

It was long overdue, but we had to celebrate…1. Butterfield Gourmet moved into it’s new permanent kitchen space. (And there was much rejoicing!) It is so big — Rosemarie and I are doing laps trying to figure out which way to go when we’re working. :)

2. Gotta brag on my boy…our youngest was accepted into the Neeley Fellows program in the business school at TCU. He’d applied in the spring and was anxiously awaiting word on his acceptance. As a parent, it’s such a good thing to be able to say “you see what hard work can do?!”

3. Lastly, my husband’s birthday often gets too light a treatment because it’s thrown in the month with Mother’s Day, end of school priorities, and everything else that makes up May craziness. John is my rock. He supports what I do and makes my life run so much smoother. Managing my own business is not easy but it would be impossible without my support system. Needless to say, he deserves to be honored. He. Is. The. Best. (Also, if I haven’t mentioned before, he’s my romantic soulmate. Oops. TMI?)


So we finally made it to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate all of the collective joy and it was a lovely evening. Rainy. But lovely. Good food, wine and company.

This week’s menu has two notable features – a fantastic two-crust Strawberry Pie which I am baking for JB and an elevated, Grown-up Tuna Noodle Casserole – no canned soup in this dish!

Have a great week and remember to stop by and see our new space; we’ll be churning out a lot of good meals. Please order by 10am the day prior to pickup. Thank you!

Here are the hours this week:

Monday – Non-GF Pot Pies only, Pickup by appt
Tuesday – 12-2pm
Wednesday – 12-4pm
Thursday – 10-2pm or until it’s all gone!

Link to the BG Menu for June 6, 2016

Order Online

P.s. The Farmers Market had light traffic this past Saturday so I have one each Santa Fe, Home Sweet Home and Butterfield pot pies that did not sell. They went into the freezer and are available if you want one for dinner Monday or any other day this week.

What's in a Name?

Some people have a knack for choosing names.In the case of my oldest daughter, I didn’t know she had it in her. If I’m being completely honest, I was a little afraid when she was expecting her first child that I would abhor their selection of baby names. And then when I learned of their choice, I was afraid to tell her I loved it, in case they decided to change it! Ah, being a parent – there’s nothing quite like it. So Ivy Grace joined the family in December 2012, followed by Penny Ella in October 2014 and we just received the announcement that Theo Shepherd will be making his appearance in August of this year! So excited to have a little boy!


Another confession – I was not ready to assume the role of grandparent 4 years ago. I was definitely “too young” for that title. So, I did (do) not want to be called Grandma. My hairdresser came up with a most creative name for me – I am “Cookie.” Luckily my daughter has embraced my choice and her babies call me by this name! We shall see if my other children are as cooperative when they begin having families…

I think that recipe names can be important too. If you read Strangolapreti on a menu and it is not followed with an in-depth explanation, you might never order the Spinach and Cheese Breadcrumb Dumplings that could change your life! I’ve noticed a trend online and in cooking magazines to just spell out what it’s in the recipe in the title so you are interested in reading on. For example, “Barley Salad with Figs and Tarragon-Lemon Dressing” really leaves no room for doubt about the main ingredients. Whereas “Ratatouille” brings to mind an animated movie about a rat chef instead of a delicious peasant vegetable stew.

If my menu descriptions are ever not specific enough for you, just ask! I’m always happy to expand on degrees of spiciness, hidden ingredients or spices.

We are back at the Saint Michael and All Angels Farmers Market this coming Saturday…another email to come midweek to announce what we will be selling!

Place your order by email to menu@butterfieldgourmet.net and please do so by 10am the day prior to your desired pickup. If this is your first order, provide your best contact number.

Pickup Times for 4/11-15 (please inquire if you need a special pickup time – exceptions are available)

Tuesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Wednesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm
Thursday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm

BG Menu for Apr 11

My season of "lasts" and menu for April 13-17, 2015

I remember when my two middle children were in preschool and I thought, are we ever going to get out of this era of chicken pox, losing teeth, and crying over lost toys? And then I blinked and my youngest is a senior in high school and I haven’t heard either of my boys cry in years and I realized we are at the end.  The end of 30+ years of child raising…I’m not saying that we will cease to be parents; obviously not, with weddings, childbirths and college still ahead of us.  But an era does come to a close when you are no longer the biggest influencer in your youngest child’s life and your child becomes an adult.
IMG_9091This melancholy today is brought on by my son’s Senior prom last night.  It was the last high school formal that I will have taken pictures of any of my children. This past week he attended his last high school retreat.  And soon, he will have his last week of high school.  I’m sure that there will be more nights when I worry about how late he comes in, so there is still more fun parenting to come. But still, I mark each of these last events with a little tear.

Have a great week.   2015 Menu for Apr 13

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A little late to post this message but the wish is still there!  Butterfield Gourmet had an amazing year and a crazy-busy holiday season, thanks to our incredible customers.  Last year, I felt so overwhelmed with orders that I felt cheated; my mantra in January was “I want a Christmas do-over!” But this year, with some amazing help at my side, I could breathe the entire season. And although I did not finish all of my shopping until December 23, I also didn’t feel like I “missed Christmas.”  I feel truly blessed to have had a successful 2014 and cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring for Butterfield Gourmet.
We will be cooking for just a couple of days this week as most of you are still “holiday-ing” but attached is the Menu for Dec 29.  Have a delicious New Year and we will see you in 2015!


Summer Salads and Sweet Surprises, don't you just love alliteration? Menu for July 7-11, 2014

I will be taking some time off from my menu posts after this week. We have a family vacation planned and the heat of the summer will be upon us.  You can still contact me to order anything you have seen posted these past months and then I will resume menu posts in August, just in time for busy schedules and back to school events!
To order, please use the Contact tab (or email butterfieldgourmet@gmail.com) and tell me which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at my Preston Commons location. Please order by noon for pickup the following day. Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140, inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop

Salad #1: Carrot & Chickpea – the dressing makes this light, protein-packed salad interesting with almonds, smoky spices, cilantro and a touch of heat. $12 serves 2-3 GF

Salad #2: Kale & Bowties – simple and delicious, this salad can be served cold or warm as a pasta dish! $12 serves 2-3 GF avail.

Entree: Chicken Lettuce Wraps – my version of the PF Chang favorite makes a really nice summer supper. Pair it with the Carrot & Chickpea salad and a nice Chablis and you have a lovely, weeknight dinner or picnic! $30 serves 4

Dessert: Chilled Strawberry Pie – so yummy with sweetened whipped cream (included) $20/pie GF avail.

Quiche: Spinach & Gruyere – my fave spinach pie. $20/pie GF avail.

Pot Pie – Homestyle Chicken ($25) or Beef Pot Roast ($30) GF avail