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I miss you, Mom

My mother’s birthday is September 25.
I’ve talked about Sadako before on my blog and she is one remarkable lady. But I have to share something interesting that I have recently realized about our relationship.

I enjoy spending time with my mom.

There. I said it. Isn’t it funny how our relationships go through phases and evolutions?

As a child, I remember that I worshipped my mother thinking she was the most beautiful woman in the world with shiny black hair, perfectly shaped hands and pretty, delicate feet. As a teenager, my go-to expression was an eye-roll whenever she used an incorrect word or embarrassed me in front of my friends with her famously grumpy demeanor.


When I became a mother and began cooking for my family, she was a great resource for shopping tips, basic cooking techniques and laundry advice. And no one can wrangle a baby like Sadako. Need your 7-month old to sleep through the night? Don’t know how to wean your 12-month old? She’s the grandma for the job.

Somewhere along the years, I began teaching her recipes. She asked me for advice on menu planning. I shared tips I’d learned about folding sheets or watering her favorite house plants.

And now this year, after visiting with her twice – once in her home in Albuquerque and the next here in Dallas – I find that I want to spend more time with her. Maybe I finally know her. Really know her. I see the sweet way that she cares for my dad and how she still worries about him. I hear her sensitivity in the way she defends her husband’s little quirks or stubbornness. And it makes me want to be with her more. So I miss you, Mom. I hope to see you again soon. Happy 78th birthday!

I’m really going to rock your world this week! First, you are receiving this menu a day early – woohoo!! Start planning your week now. Second, I am featuring not one but two breakfast options!! I remember how challenging it was to feed those kiddos before they went out the door in the morning. What goes in their stomachs before a long, crazy day can make all the difference between great moments and disasters. The only rule I will apply here is that if you’d like to order the breakfast item(s), I need the order by Sunday night, regardless of when you’d like to pick up. I will make limited quantities so once they gone, they GONE. (slang)

This week we are bidding farewell to summer heat; fall is here officially, so get on outta here, 90+ temps! The menu is a tribute to summer flavors that were lovely — peaches that highlight simple chicken cutlets, zucchini noodles again, and bright, tart raspberries. I hope you’ll find something to please your families.

As always, I’m here if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. -Ruth 214-675-1932

Here’s the menu. Order online here. I truly appreciate you when you get your order in early! At a minimum, please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup and be sure to provide your cell number. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

Tuesday 2-4pm
Wednesday 12-5pm
Thursday 11-4pm
Friday 11-2pm

Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

Remember that high school formal where so much trouble went into getting ready for the event? You shopped for and bought a dress or rented a tuxedo. Went to the salon to have your hair blown out, styled or trimmed. Got a mani/pedi. Picked out a corsage or boutonniere with great care. And then the evening arrived, and the event just didn’t measure up to all the preparation. You had a good time but honestly, it was a bit disappointing and it seemed as though there sure was a lot of fuss and expense for an evening that was just another night.
That was the opposite experience of my daughter’s wedding. The months of planning, attention to every last detail, shopping for the dress, silly expenses, menu minutiae, anguishing over what I would wear and dilemmas over seating charts all culminated in the most magical, perfect evening. I’m so glad my husband wore that suit and the tie I picked for him. I’m happy we chose the Shrimp & Grits a-ya-ya. I’m thrilled that the girls who stood with Kate adored the gifts that we selected for them. But most of all, I absolutely love that my beautiful, precious girl walked down an aisle of super soft sand and married her sweetheart in front of a gorgeous Florida sunset. It was her dream come true.


Of course, after such an all-consuming event there’s bound to be some let down. It’s a bittersweet feeling to come home from our trip and see the last things my daughter worked on in preparation for her wedding. (If you don’t know, she calligraphed all of her wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and programs; every item that involved writing bore her personal stamp, all the way down to the “thank you” card on each favor. You can see her beautiful work here.) Additionally, there is the realization that she will never again enter our home as merely our child for now she also belongs to another family. Her own family unit has been created.  And let’s be honest, all the planning leading up to THE WEDDING is nothing compared to the work that will go into THE MARRIAGE. The real fun begins now but so does the true attention to detail. I shared some of my marital advice for Jake & Kate in my last post but my husband pointed out that I’d left off one very important thought. Shared faith is an essential facet of a successful marriage. I don’t know that I’d be standing here today with 27 years of marriage to our credit without God’s presence at the core. My daughter and her beau are starting there too and I know they will be blessed. It was a beautiful fairy tale wedding but their true life’s history is what will be remembered.

I’m back. I’m cooking. Here come the holidays. Thanks for reading along.

<3 Ruth

Special shout-out to our phenomenal wedding planner Heather Archdeacon Williams, whom I credit with allowing us to keep our sanity.