pot roast

The pumpkin dilemma...

So October arrives and I see all these wonderful pumpkins in the store and I am desperate to put them on my front porch to beckon Fall to my doorstep.  But the forecast in the Dallas area this week ranges from 89-93 each day and those lovely orange globes will be rotten inside by Halloween!  So my plan this year:  I will buy the beautiful pumpkins and place them in my foyer where I can enjoy them and once the temperatures stay below 85 daily, I will set them outside to herald the arrival of Fall!
My menu this week includes one Fall favorite that should grace every home – an Apple Crisp.  The fragrant apples with cinnamon spices fill my kitchen long after the baking is done.  When you order this dessert from me, you can place it in the oven to warm and you will enjoy the same, heady scent throughout your home! Click here for this week’s menu and instructions on ordering Menu for Sep 29.