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Sniff, sniff. I'm catching a whiff of Fall!

I could never live in a cold climate. NEVER. I’m the girl who has always stated – I’d rather be hot than cold. Any.Day.Of.The.Year. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it when the temperature begins to lean toward the 60s. Because I suffer from that uncomfortable syndrome which causes my feet and hands to turn numb when my core gets too cold, I tend to prefer heat. But there are also some pretty amazing things I love about cooler weather.
1. Sweaters. Duh-I’m a girl so I tend to think in terms of What-to-Wear when it applies to seasonal changes.
2. Boots. See above. We live in Texas so of course there are the obligatory cowboy boots but Dallasites have an inordinate number of fashion boots that bely our warm weather and cooler temperatures herald the arrival of covered toes!
3. Evening football games. There is nothing like watching the marching band during a half-time show while cuddled under a stadium blanket.
4. Pumpkins. You really can’t put them out in the summer heat even if it’s October 15. They rot really quickly! So it’s nice when the weather cooperates and you can decorate the front of your house with fall bounty.
5. Soup. And stew. I love salads just as much as the next girl but soup is a party in my mouth!!

All of this to say that I am so excited by October being here and actually experiencing an autumnal season. We don’t get a true Fall every year so I hope you will get out and enjoy it.

The menu is fabulous this week (am I allowed to say that?) because it is filled with things I love to eat. Caesar Salad, Pasta Salad, Tortilla Soup and Squash Quiche. I am obsessed with eggplant lately—can’t get enough—and I love this version of non-breaded parmigiana. You can opt to enjoy it with polenta or spaghetti or solo, the choice is yours. And a fabulous brownie rounds out the dessert.

As always, I’m here if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. Have a great week!

Here’s the menu. Order online here. I truly appreciate you when you get your order in early! At a minimum, please order by 10am the day prior to your pickup and be sure to provide your cell number. Pickup schedule at 9800 Preston Road is as follows:

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What's in a Name?

Some people have a knack for choosing names.In the case of my oldest daughter, I didn’t know she had it in her. If I’m being completely honest, I was a little afraid when she was expecting her first child that I would abhor their selection of baby names. And then when I learned of their choice, I was afraid to tell her I loved it, in case they decided to change it! Ah, being a parent – there’s nothing quite like it. So Ivy Grace joined the family in December 2012, followed by Penny Ella in October 2014 and we just received the announcement that Theo Shepherd will be making his appearance in August of this year! So excited to have a little boy!


Another confession – I was not ready to assume the role of grandparent 4 years ago. I was definitely “too young” for that title. So, I did (do) not want to be called Grandma. My hairdresser came up with a most creative name for me – I am “Cookie.” Luckily my daughter has embraced my choice and her babies call me by this name! We shall see if my other children are as cooperative when they begin having families…

I think that recipe names can be important too. If you read Strangolapreti on a menu and it is not followed with an in-depth explanation, you might never order the Spinach and Cheese Breadcrumb Dumplings that could change your life! I’ve noticed a trend online and in cooking magazines to just spell out what it’s in the recipe in the title so you are interested in reading on. For example, “Barley Salad with Figs and Tarragon-Lemon Dressing” really leaves no room for doubt about the main ingredients. Whereas “Ratatouille” brings to mind an animated movie about a rat chef instead of a delicious peasant vegetable stew.

If my menu descriptions are ever not specific enough for you, just ask! I’m always happy to expand on degrees of spiciness, hidden ingredients or spices.

We are back at the Saint Michael and All Angels Farmers Market this coming Saturday…another email to come midweek to announce what we will be selling!

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BG Menu for Apr 11

Here's what's for dinner for June 9-13, 2014

Going a little light this week as summer is heating up.
To order, please use the Contact tab (or email and tell me which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at my Preston Commons location. Please order by NOON for pickup from 4-6 pm the following day.

Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140 inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop

Soup: Chicken Tortilla - I’ve received a lot of orders from Artizone customers the past 2 weeks for my mainstay soup so I’m reminding you that it is always available.  It’s traditional, full of veggies and I like to serve mine over chopped avocado with crispy tortilla strips (included) and Jack cheese sprinkled over the top. $15/quart  GF

Salad: Chicken-Cabbage salad – it’s not the Chinese chicken salad you’re familiar with – this version is crunchier with carrots, ramen and very light and spicy.  $15 serves 2-3

Quiche: Ham & Swiss - this is the quiche most of us grew up on. It’s simple and honest and creamy.  $20/pie serves 4-6**

Pot pie:  Homestyle Chicken ($25) or Beef Pot Roast ($30)**

Dessert: Fresh Fruit Tart - this pretty dessert has a cookie shortbread crust with a creamy filling and topped with fresh fruit. Best served the day of pick-up. $20/pie GF avail.

Cookie: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - who doesn’t love these cookies?! $10/12 large cookies GF

  • GF crust is available for the quiche or any of the pot pies. Additional charge applies.

Thanks for your orders and your referrals!