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Joyful in the moment

The holiday season is peeking around the corner…

Events start moving fast in October—for our family, we celebrate two wedding anniversaries in mid-month, sweet Penny’s and Jack’s birthdays and then we roll right into November with four more birthdays followed by Thanksgiving. We are only 4 weeks out from Turkey Day! I am not trying to stress you out. Rather, I want to encourage you to steal a moment of peace through the madness.

Try to be present for each and every celebration in the coming months without dwelling on where you have to be next or your to-do list or your “haven’t done” list. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But take deep cleansing breaths and focus. You’ll only be there in that specific moment once.


Halloween is here and I would love to see the costumes your children/grandchildren/neighbors/nieces & nephews and godchildren are wearing. Will you send me some pictures? So much fun. I have such fond memories of my kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, even into their high school years! Somehow it became a tradition to eat chili dogs on Halloween night (might have to blame Sonic for this one) but I’m offering a delicious, savory chili with mini-cornbreads for you to pick up for a quick meal before your kids head out or for you to enjoy when you settle in to answer the door.


Invitations going out this week

November 3, 4-7pm Sip & Sample

Pies, sides, nibbles, wine

Private residence


November 4, 11-2pm Tasting Event

Pies, sides, nibbles

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

2016 is going to be a good year

I can feel it, can you? 2016 is going to be special, I just know it. I mean, January 2 already brought an amazing win for the TCU Horned Frogs! The past year was really unique for our family and the new year cannot possibly compete in the major-life-changes category. But it’s going to be a great year—I feel it in my core! P.s. Being more positive is one of my resolutions!!! :)

Quick comment on the picture – my youngest returns to TCU after a super fast winter break (3 weeks!) but we enjoyed every minute with him. And it was so wonderful to see him reconnect with his Jesuit brothers (always at our house or Village Burger Bar, it seemed). Each of the young men in this picture are at different schools, 4 in Texas and one in Indiana but they have stayed in touch and picked up friendships where they left off. We had an impromptu night of grilled pizzas and I loved hearing them ask each other about GPAs(!), football games and other campus experiences.

Very short week so get your orders in early. Send an email to to place your orders or use the Order/Inquiry tab above. Here are the available pick up times/locations but let me know if you need something outside of these parameters and I will try to accommodate.

Tuesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2pm, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm, 5pm

Wednesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2pm, 3pm

BG Menu for January 11

Fun at the Farmers Market

My crew and I have now worked two markets at Saint Michael’s and each Saturday has proved to be a fun experience.  We doubled our sales from week 1 to week 2, selling out of product in the second week.  Working at a Farmer’s Market is very different than other retail venues and I’ve listed here some of the things we’ve discovered/learned just in the two weeks we’ve worked.
1. It’s hot. Bring a fan. Always buy a popsicle from your local vendor, who is happy to cool your palate!

2. A lot of the customers want to chat… they are interested in your story and you should be ready to hear theirs as well.

3. Not all market goers want to chat. Don’t be offended if they just keep walking by your stall when you try to say hello.

4. Most of the shoppers have specific reasons for visiting the market: they are gluten-free or want to shop organic, believe in supporting local businesses or are investing in healthier lifestyles. Sometimes they are just looking for a specialty item they cannot find elsewhere.

5. Being at the market is a great opportunity to get your own grocery shopping done. We purchased delicious bratwurst, tender hot dog buns and croissant, perfect tamales, creamy goat cheese, Wagyu burgers and breakfast tacos. We also sampled yummy cookies and tangy pickles!

6. There are lots of puppies and cute kids. Farmers Markets are great outings for families so enjoy the scenery!

7. It’s important to have fun when the crowd is running a little thin. My son, James, shared his philosophy on the 3 stages of customer contact at a Farmers Market and it was most amusing! Perhaps I can persuade him to put it to paper and I’ll post it later. :)

We’ll be back at Saint Michael’s next Saturday, July 18, then off for a couple of weeks.  Hope you will stop by if you have a chance. And here’s the BG to Go Menu for this week utilizing some great farmers market finds. See you soon!

A little added bonus — here are a few tips from some cookbook authors on getting the most out of your trip to the Farmers Market!

It was beautiful. It was magical. Sigh. Why must we go back to work?

My son’s wedding weekend could not have been more perfect! The bride was stunning. The groom was glowing. The sun was shining. The guests were dancing. So lovely. I think the sign of a great event is how much everyone wants to keep talking about it even after it’s over, basking in the memories.  But alas, it is over. Done. Finis. Until we do it all again in October! Stay tuned…
IMG_3704 Proud parents with the bride and groom.

During my time off, I managed to plan out 3 weeks of menus which makes me feel so organized!  Next week will feature some Super Bowl inspired foods and the following will be a treat to lovers. Back in the kitchen this week, we are trying some new dishes and making some things to satisfy cravings; hope you will find a meal to put on the table for your family!  2015 Menu for Jan 26. And although not on the menu this week, always available are Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Pot Roast Pie, Chicken Tortilla Soup and Green Chile Stew.

Menu for June 16-20, 2014

To order, please use the Contact tab (or email and tell me which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at my Preston Commons location. Please order by NOON for pickup from 4-6 pm the following day.
Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140 inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop

Salad: Baby Blue - mixed field greens, orange segments, strawberries, blue cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette combine for a delicious salad to accompany any summer meal. Also includes my Sweet & Spicy Pecans for a crunchy kick topping.  $15 serves 2-3 GF

Quiche: Green Chile Cheese - I’m showing my roots with this one! I grew up in the southwest, where Hatch chiles find their way into every course.  $20/pie serves 4-6**

Pot pie:  French Chicken  - this is a brand new pie that I am trying out and I am offering it at a reduced introductory price, hoping that you will try it and give me your opinion! ($20), Homestyle Chicken ($25) or Beef Pot Roast ($30)**

Dessert: Lemon Pound Cake – this citrus classic comes in a loaf and is lovely with coffee. $15/loaf.

  • GF crust is available for the quiche or any of the pot pies. Additional charge applies.

Thanks for your orders and your referrals!