potato salad

You Can't Take it With You, So Try to Eat Well along the Way!!

Such a fun week in our house! We attended a really interesting wine tasting DallasFineWine this week, where we sampled Chardonnay clones and then the final beautiful resulting product once the clones were combined. It was a fascinating look into how stellar wines are created. It truly is an art that requires so much time, trial and error. We were very impressed. And any good week in our house involves good food.  I serve the same menu to our family's table that I offer to my customers so this week we enjoyed Lemon Chicken Piccata - always a favorite-  along with a Kale Caesar Salad with Kicky Croutons and I've decided that may be my new go-to Kale salad! It was delish with the creamy dressing and salty Parmigiano Reggiano, I just couldn't get enough. But the star of the week was the Cauliflower Chowder...I ate it EVERY day for lunch and finally had to stop myself and freeze back a portion to enjoy in a couple of weeks.  Low-carb, half-pureed and savory...so guilt-free, the best combination. Also in the star line-up of delicious meals, we caught up with friends on a rainy night Hibiscus on Henderson. The evening would have been perfect except for our table placement…I complain about this every time.  If we don’t request a table in the main dining room, we always, always, ALWAYS get put in the very back of the restaurant. So annoying. But I digress…our cheese and charcuterie platter was a divine starter and it really could have been my entire dinner. But then I would have missed the lovely special — A frisbee of Chicken Fried Soft Shell Crab. OMG delicious and worth every calorie. And I do have to mention that our server, Jeremy, was absolutely adorable.

But the grand finale of the week was the @JesuitTheater production of George Kauffman’s You Can’t Take it With You. If you’re familiar with the play, our son played the role of Grandpa and while I was not surprised by his grey, spray-painted hair, his costume was over the top ridiculous. The entire performance was one laugh after another and it was such an enjoyable way to spend the evening, made even better by seeing one of your own up on the stage. So my wish for you this week is three things 1) good food, 2) fun experiences and 3) lots of laughter. And here’s what I’m cooking this week: 2015 Menu for Apr 20