pulled pork

It rains a lot in Seattle - or so I've heard

We just returned from a visit to the Pacific Northwest and I think we experienced sunnier days than Dallas had during the same time period! The mornings were beautiful and crisp and the scenery was spectacular. It was our first time to travel with my in-laws, who are 30 years our senior and we took our son, fresh out of his first year at TCU, who is 30 years our junior. Honestly, I didn’t know whether to feel young or old…it was very confusing! But it was a lovely trip.

Many of you have children that are winding down their school year. The menu this week should help you get through the final push. You can also order late in the week and pick up at the St. Michael’s Farmers Market for your Memorial day gatherings. Just let me know how I can help.

Also, I am introducing my “Picnic Bag” service! This is an opportunity to take a meal to go that is not on the weekly menu. Choose a main from one of four entrees that all travel well, are great served at room temperature and are generally crowd pleasers. Add a salad or two and dessert to round out the meal and I will pack it all in a bag “to go” with just 24 hours notice. See the attached flyer for details.

I am so excited to announce that I am moving to a new kitchen next week —- it will be mine exclusively and it is very conveniently located! This week we will still meet in the parking lots but next Sunday, look for information on my new address and pick-up times. I know that many of you will be traveling over the summer but I will be here cooking and hope to provide meals for your families when you are at home.

Place your order by noon for pick-up the following day. Order online or by email to menu@butterfieldgourmet.net. Have a great week!

Pickups for this week:

Tuesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Wednesday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm
Thursday – NW Hwy & Preston, 2:30 pm, 3pm, 3:30 pm
Forest & Preston, 4:30 pm

Order online here.

Read the BG Menu for May 23.

Check out the Picnic Bag options.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

A little late to post this message but the wish is still there!  Butterfield Gourmet had an amazing year and a crazy-busy holiday season, thanks to our incredible customers.  Last year, I felt so overwhelmed with orders that I felt cheated; my mantra in January was “I want a Christmas do-over!” But this year, with some amazing help at my side, I could breathe the entire season. And although I did not finish all of my shopping until December 23, I also didn’t feel like I “missed Christmas.”  I feel truly blessed to have had a successful 2014 and cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring for Butterfield Gourmet.
We will be cooking for just a couple of days this week as most of you are still “holiday-ing” but attached is the Menu for Dec 29.  Have a delicious New Year and we will see you in 2015!


Spice up your life a little...go green! The Hatch Menu 8/11-15/2014

I absolutely love Hatch green chile! I grew up in New Mexico, but didn’t discover this flavorful pepper until adulthood. Although I always have chiles in my freezer, they are harvested in August so when you order off my menu this week, there will be freshly roasted peppers in every bite.
To order, please use the Contact tab (or email butterfieldgourmet@gmail.com) and state which items you would like and what day you would like to pick up at the Preston Commons location. Please order by noon for pickup the following day. Pick up is from 4-6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 8115 Preston Rd, Suite 140, inside the Cafe Gourmet on the Go shop.

Salad:  Green salad with Greek Goddess Dressing – a light version of an old favorite that promises low-fat and low-calorie creaminess. $12/serves 2-3

Soup: Green Chile Stew - what else? Our recipe includes beef and potatoes and while it makes a hearty supper, many green chile aficionados love it in the morning with a fried egg on top! Serve with fresh flour tortillas. $20/quart serves 3. GF

Quiche: Green Chile Egg Soufflé - technically, it’s not a quiche.  It comes without a pastry shell but it is cheesy with a little green chile punch; serve with a fruit salad on the side to complete a wonderful lunch or breakfast. $20/pie GF avail.

Pot Pie: Homestyle Chicken ($25) or Southwestern Chicken (the chicken version of our green chile stew) ($25) or Green Chile Stew Pot Pie ($30) GF avail.

Entree: Pulled Pork Carnitas – although this taco filling is lacking green chile, the chipotle chiles in the marinade give it a really nice kick. So tender – I will provide the flour or corn tortillas, you add refried beans, salsa and sour cream. $30 serves 4-6. GF

Dessert: Fresh Blackberry Pie – a double-crust pie that celebrates the last berries of summer.  Serve with vanilla ice cream for tonight’s dessert and then sneak into the kitchen the next morning and have a slice for breakfast! $25/pie GF avail.

We are happy to create any of our pies and quiches with gluten-free products. Please note that we do not operate a fully gluten-free kitchen and some cross-contamination is possible.