Ooh la la, so French Room

Everyone is talking about the new look for the French Room, the Adolphus hotel's formal restaurant. But I'm not going to talk about the refreshed architecture and how they took the interior design back to the early days when it opened in 1912. I want to give you our 411 on the actual experience of dining in the restaurant.

The occasion we were celebrating was our anniversary and we chose the French Room because it was newly reopened and we wanted a special venue. Our table location could not have been more ideal; coincidentally, we'd been seated there previously on another visit but after the revamp, we were delighted to sit on a pretty sofa in a private little nook facing the windows and most of the restaurant. On the table at our arrival were champagne flutes which were filled almost immediately and with which the restaurant congratulated us on our anniversary. A very nice touch and a lovely way to start the evening.

Our server was an energetic girl, full of knowledge and expertise--who needs the sommelier? We chose the seven course tasting menu because several of the items really appealed and if you have sampled tasting menus anywhere, you might think as I did that the price was actually on the reasonable side. We did not partake of the wine pairings because let's all agree, THAT'S A LOT OF WINE! So we ordered as our server suggested: a white to accompany the first three courses (an absolutely delicious Aligote) and a red for the following three (Pinot Noir) with coffee to finish our dessert.

The courses were very frenchy. What I mean is, exquisite presentation of proteins not on your everyday diet plan. The stand-outs were the Seared Foie Gras and the Duck Bigarade, the latter surprising me with how much I enjoyed the flavors and textures. Oh, and the seventh course was a winner too...Caramel Pot de Creme which I had just a taste of because I preferred the cheese course-always my choice!! Another perfect thing about our table, the lighting was excellent and therefore I snapped pics of all our courses...see below!

What I will remember most vividly about the evening: the service was impeccable. When I choose high-end for a special meal, I want to feel that the staff really cares about my experience in their establishment. The French Room did not miss on that count. Not only were we treated like royalty while at the table, upon our departure we were presented with a "sealed" copy of the menu as well as cards on which our server had written the names of the wines we'd enjoyed. Taking the extra step to make a final lasting impression. 

Oh, and the company was as always, the highlight for the entire night. I highly recommend The French Room and I highly recommend taking someone you love with you!